DIY decorative bas-relief on the wall: photo from the making process

Background from the author of the work (cma4000), who made this beautiful bas-relief on the wall with his own hands:


– Seryoga, hello!
– Hello!
– Can you stop by in the evening?
– Yes.
– I’m waiting.

Drove to see a friend. Her house was being renovated. I advised where and what on an electrics and some other things … And then …

– I want a bas-relief on the wall! Listen, do you want to try?
– I do! Will you trust?
– You – yes!

We agree on what and how much …

I climb on the Internet, see what and how … I can! Here, I’m sure I can …

I worked with Фуга and Юнилофт materials. The client is satisfied.
By time: 2 weeks from the morning to the night. Something like this…

Do not kick me, please. This is my the first work of this kind. Not the last, I guess.)

So, a photo from the process:

Sketch on the wall
The first strokes that define the shape of the future bas-relief
Not yet dried plaster near
The bas-relief is overgrown with details that show up perfectly under oblique light
And like this – with light from a different angle
Shadows deepen and bring the picture to life

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